Grammar’s tough?

Toughen up!

With The Languager

Learning will be so much fun as we demystify German grammar. You will not want to stop practicing once you start using our creative tool! With a variety of games and exercises on all levels and for all topics you will finally be able to stop thinking and start talking.

Fun tasks will ensure that the grammatical structures are automated and embedded in your brain. Articles, adjective endings, verb conjugations and tenses, singular & plural, prepositions and even the cases will suddenly seem easy. Learn more

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The 3-Step-Bootcamp

Grammar By Logic, not rules



Learn grammar in a logical, interactive and enjoyable way.

We don’t want you to spend time learning grammar rules the hard way. With our simple charts, you will discover complex concepts in a catchy playful manner. Learn more!

Complex Coherences become Fun Games

Complex Coherences become Fun Games

Grammar is boring and complicated? It doesn´t have to be! Discover complex contexts with Languager® in an interesting and playful way.

Addictive games and competitive tasks will keep you motivated. Learning German grammar comes as a pleasant side effect! You don’t believe us? See for yourself!

Decipher Grammar and become a Languager®

Decipher Grammar and become a Languager®

Get ready for the next level! There are more options behind each game and different ways to unravel the knot. Effective, sustainable, convenient. Deepen your knowledge and uncover actual gaps in your knowledge.

With Languager® you have the perfect tool for your language lessons. Have fun without any pressure! Learn more!



Starter bundle

Choose one of the following learning topics now and train in it with TicTacToe and OddOneOut

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  • Topic „Gender“
  • Topic „Plural“
  • Topic „Comparative & Superlative")
  • Topic „Preposition“

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